Finca Santiago

The best setting for your senses.

Arriving at this corner among fruit trees and orchards is delving into a universe of aromas and flavors. Nestled in the richness of its rural surroundings, Finca Santiago Restaurant opens up to a space of carefully crafted details in a cozy atmosphere that invites you to enjoy the flavors native to the Mediterranean land it inhabits

As you step through its threshold, aging barrels divide an eclectic space of craftsmanship, still-life fruit arrangements, and modern art.

Further on, summer lounges near the pool, where nights are filled with the sounds of the orchard. Covered, or in the open air of the pleasant Levantine night. Next to the cellar or by the well. Aromas of rain, fertile soil… or lemon trees, orange blossoms, depending on the season. And depending on the season, blends of ingredients in a carefully curated selection of seasonal dishes.

Roasted vegetables, salads with exquisite presentation, salted fish, olives… accompany rice dishes or select meats. Imagination and tradition come together in an intelligent gastronomic offer, as simple and homely as it is tasty, crafted by the skilled hands of its chef, a master and devotee of the Mediterranean diet

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Finca Santiago