Coffee music Restaurant

Global cuisine with the finest sounds

Do you remember when it seemed incredible that a car would guide us to our destination? Or that we could do the shopping without leaving home? And when we thought that a restaurant was only for eating…?

The term CafeMusicRestaurant is the one that best defines us Located in the increasingly renowned financial district of the capital of Murcia, the meticulous decoration is savored with the eyes, the ears, and, of course, with the palate.

The atmosphere is as diverse as its schedule, ranging from the relaxed morning ambiance for breakfast provided by the towering office buildings surrounding it, to visitors from other areas of the capital who come until well into the early hours of the morning

The music, international cuisine, and clientele make DelGalloBlues a cosmopolitan venue that could perfectly be located in any major city in the world

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An international cuisine full of unique flavors that will surprise you much more


Del Gallo Blues